Major PSA!

Okay so some of you might have noticed that I changed my url (though I doubt anyone did). I’m going to explain why I’ve done this.

So the other day I made a post saying that I want to make this blog my primary but I don’t want to lose my other primary and my followers and stuff. So tonight I spent about 3 hours making a new blog with a different email address. I wrote down the urls of all my followers and I followed them on the new one and I’ve reblogged over 100 of my Eleanor posts, so the blog is up and running.

The blog is also exactly the same. It’s the same url (dazzlingeleanorcalder), the same title, same theme, everything is exactly the same. So please just hit the follow button! 

Also if you follow this blog and I didn’t follow you through the new one just message me and I’ll follow :)

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Anonymous: Danielle's verified keek follows EleanorJCalderr92 and not EleanorJCalder. Which should be proof. xoxo

Yeah that’s what I thought but I was told that Danielle also follows a lot of fan accounts so EleanorJCalderr92 might just be a fan. Thanks for giving me your input :)

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i feel all happy inside when people tell me they like my blog because i actually dont like my blog and all of you have better blogs then me.

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Alright so according to Calderholic there is no confirmation on either Eleanor keek account! :)
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Okay I have been informed that EleanorJCalderr92 is not Eleanor’s keek but EleanorJCalder is. Can anyone confirm either account as her real?

The bio on the EleanorJCalder account sounds more like her.

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Anonymous: The Partridge Family?

Yeah. It was a tv show that came on from 1970-1974 based on a singing family. Their last name was Partridge so they called themselves The Partridge Family. The main character was played by David Cassidy (who was hot as hell back then-just saying) Him and his on-screen mother (and off-screen stepmother) Shirley Jones, were the only two that were truly singing but the music they played was still really good. It’s a really good show with really enjoyable music. I’m actually listening to their greatest hits cd as I answer this lol. You shouldn’t let the years it was on affect your decision to watch it or check out their songs. It’s one of my favorite shows and some of my favorite music.

Wow that was a lot of rambling, sorry lol :) xx

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Anonymous: What song are those lyrics from on your edit of Eleanor?

It’s called Brown Eyes by The Partridge Family. It’s a great song (as are most of theirs.) :) xx

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Calderholic: Meeting Eleanor at Starbucks


"I can’t remember what the date was maybe late February? anyways..I was visiting my mum in London and I decided to go to the local Starbucks to get a drink and I was waiting in line texting when she walked up behind me. She had a friend but she was on the phone pretty much the whole time except…

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Anonymous: You can't be a true Calderic if you ship Larry


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Are you guys okay with me continuing this as a side blog or would you rather me create a new blog so it can also be a primary?
Nothing would change. It would be the same url, theme,etc I would just have to reblog posts from my this account..So what do you think?
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